With a strong attention to detail, each pack of our pre-rolls are prepared and packaged for every occasion.


Available individually or in a set of four.

We are all about transparency and safety. Each individual pre-roll is labeled and housed in a child-resistant tube ensuring maximum protection and freshness. Furthermore, each set of pre-rolls is further placed in a child resistant box, further protecting your product as well as limiting smell contents.

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Elevating the stereotypical “stoner” experience by providing a sophisticated and thoughtful product fit for a night on the town or a quiet evening at home.

First time and casual consumers will appreciate the convenience, consistency,  and approachability of our products. Experienced users will appreciate the attention to detail, quality and thoughtfulness that was put into every pre-roll.


“As a small-scale producer we pay close attention to detail and pride ourselves on our small-batch, organic approach to farming.”


Baking bread from the heart


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Pre-rolls were created to ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality cannabis experience. The entire brand, product and packaging has been thoughtfully created with the casual and recreational consumer in mind.

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